About the Sisters

The wedding coordinators

We are 2 sisters in our 20′s (Ok, 1 of us may be nearing the end of that decade but for now, we’re going to roll with it) and we love weddings!  We  have experienced all sides of the wedding planning process and this blog is our way of sharing those experiences.  Our goal is to help our friends, the brides, have fun and enjoy all elements of the wedding planning and of course, the wedding day!

If that means breaking out a bottle of bubbly and helping her wrap up the seating chart or getting the Mother In Law out of her hair while she’s getting her makeup done, we’re on it :)

While we have lots of opinions about weddings (and would be happy to share them with you if like to hear us talk!) our primary philosophy is that a wedding should be an extension of the couple. If that means hot pink shoes, a reggae band at the reception or a miniature horse acting as the ring bearer, we’re all for it!

So tell us a little bit about D & K?

As told by D:

So I’m the older sister so I get to go first and talk about my “little”. My younger sister Kellie (henceforth known as K because we love the show Gossip Girl*) is a super talented and amazing planner. Her wedding related talents take Sister Sister Weddings beyond your “average wedding planners”. This girl can sing (so if your soloist gets laryngitis or something, you are so covered!), she has awesome A/V skills (Helloooo! Slideshow or video not working? No problem!) and she even listens to me when I tell her what to do, which is an amazing little sister skill. K is super creative, loves weddings and adds an element of fun to any party!


*Ok well I did until I was told that I was WAY too old to wear headbands

As told by K:

My older Sister Danielle (you can call her D!) has always been super-organized. She’s always been the one to initiate group vacay’s amongst her friends and she’s even been referred to for the past 10ish years as Dani Day-Planner. We are similar in a lot of ways, but her organizational skills are unparalleled and even I have trouble keeping up with the spreadsheets, schedules and re-caps we get for each and every family vacation we go on. It really is quite impressive; you should see the Bridesmaid Newsletters she created when she was getting married. D has been in many weddings over the years and has always been the go-to Bridesmaid because of her skills and experience. Not to mention, she can add some moves to any dance floor that you won’t want to miss!


Please contact us at sistersisterweddings@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more about us!


D + K

Sister Sister Weddings – Portland, OR


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