The Wedding Video Confessional!

20 May

So, I think we’d all agree that a wedding photo booth is pretty fun. At the beginning of the night, the older folks get in there, take a couple of funny pics and by the end of the night, if your wedding is real party, you end up with some excellent blackmail on your photo booth

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So, what if you took it to the next level and did a VIDEO booth? Think “Wedding Photo Booth” meets “The Real World”.

I think a lot of brides wake up the morning after their wedding and think…”Did everyone have a good time?” Well imagine if you could immediately pop in video of the party and see what crazy antics went down while you were tossing your bouquet and chatting with your new great aunt-in-law! A Video Booth is a really fun way to get a behind the scenes look at your big day (and takes the blackmail material to the next level.)

Much like photo booths, there are companies that offer video booth services.  You can but if you have a video camera, this can also be a cheap DIY project.

  1. Have your caterer set up an extra pipe and drape in the corner of your venue or just outside (away from the music!) with 2 chairs inside.
  2. Set up your video camera on a tripod (if you don’t have one already, the tripod will set you back about $30)
  3. Make a big sign that tells people what its all about,  how to turn the power on (use a remote if you have one) and what to do!
  4. Assign a friend (or your wedding coordinator) to check the battery and tape throughout the night to make sure you capture all the great moments!)
  5. Make sure you have the DJ or MC invite people to go check it out and leave their “message”
  6. Add a basket full of “props” and let the magic happen!
  7. Enjoy & watch with caution :)
  8. You can even have the video edited to make a highlight reel

The hope is that you end up with some very heartfelt messages, funny toasts and stories, surprise confessions and maybe even a custom wedding rap.

We should probably give you a warning that depending on your guest list,  you may end up with some minor (or not so minor) inappropriate moments so this is not for the faint of heart.  Also, we’d encourage you to watch this for the first time without a whole entourage of people in case you need to “edit” out some of the R-rated moments :)



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