Heidi & Chris (aka Mac)

17 May

It’s only a little over a month until Heidi & Chris (aka Mac!) tie the knot!  It’s creeping up slowly and we are super excited about their big day!  D & I are meeting with Heidi next week to talk through the wedding plans and make sure that everything is on track for their June 19th wedding…it is always so exciting to see a bride’s vision come to life and we know this one will be no exception.

{All Photos by Shawn & Bonnie Ingersoll}

When the wedding is only a month away, its not uncommon to start to stress a little—but that just means its the perfect time for a wedding coordinator to step in a help alleviate some of that stress and take on some of your TO DOs.  Sometimes just having someone  to talk to about your concerns, walk through your timeline (realistically!)  and someone to confirm all the final details with your vendors during those last couple weeks can make the whole process a lot easier for you as the bride. After all, you want to enjoy the time leading up to your wedding, not regret  it, or freak out on your fiance every third day when he/she brings up something that should have been done weeks ago :)

So here we are…a month away from Heidi & Mac’s wedding and we are stoked to be jumping into the Mac & LadyMac wedding with both feet!

A little about Heidi & Mac:

Heidi and Mac were best friends in college.  It wasn’t until the end of their run at OSU that they decided that they should take it to the next level and become more than friends :) Well, wisdom comes with age they say because boy were Heidi & Mac right….and boy were they right for each other. Last Memorial Day Weekend, Mac took Heidi to Cannon Beach to have a relaxing weekend, just the two of them!  That’s where he popped the question—-right there on the beach! Mac proposed with a diamond  placed in a basic setting because he knew that Heidi would want to be apart of the design process.  And ever since then they’ve been planning the party of a lifetime :) They want their wedding to be a celebration.

Look how much fun they were at their Engagement Session? They are certainly going to be a fun Bride & Groom!


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