PDX Venue Spotlight: Venue Pearl

10 May

A venue is typically one of the first things you look for when planning your wedding since it sets the stage for most of the other big decisions you are making for the big day.  We often have a hard time looking for reviews and information about local venues (especially from third party resources).  So our goal is to spotlight NW wedding venues and give a “girlfriends” view — That means the good stuff (occasionally the not-so-good-stuff) and things think about in your planning process. Here’s our first Venue spotlight. Enjoy!

Venue Pearl is a fairly new venue (completed early 2010) in the Block 90 building in the Pearl District shared with the Aveda Institute & 50 plates restaurant.  It’s a really cool  space with an open floor plan, tons of natural light and lots of potential.  The space is super versatile and could be easily transformed from a hip urban party to an elegant affair.

Venue Pearl Portland

What we love about it:

  • The windows overlooking the Pearl are gorgeous day or night.
  • The newly remodeled bridal suite is open and comfortable and the decor is super cute!
  • Because of its neutral colors and open floorplan, the venue has a lot of potential and flexibility, especially for a bride with a specific “vision”. You don’t have to work with the ugly mauve chairs or curtains like you do at some venues and you can close some of the walls to create a nice divide for ceremony and reception.
  • The location is awesome and allows for fun after parties for you & your guests
  • It’s nice and new and clean (even though the 1923 building has great charm)
  • The close proximity to 50 Plates allows for a great caterer/venue relationshipVenue Pearl Lobby

Things to consider:

  • If you are having your ceremony and reception at VP, make sure you enlist some extra helpers ahead of time  (coordinators, catering staff,  venue staff or friends) to assist with the room changeover.  You will want to make sure things like ceremony decor and rentals all make it to their specific places after the change.
  • The main entrance can be a little hard to find since its on the 3rd floor so make sure your invites or website have clear directions to help your guests find you.
  • Parking can be a little tricky in the Pearl so make sure guests know to arrive ahead of time.
  • There are 4 doorways into the main venue space from the entry way and hall.  Make sure you have a clear flow of traffic (and ushers or other people to direct guests) or it can get a little congested.
  • The white columns add a lot to the ambience but do block some of the views so plan your seating chart accordingly.
  • Have a plan for lighting and visit the space during the time of day that your event will be taking place so you can decide how light & bright or dim & romantic you want your event to be.

For more information about Venue Pearl weddings, you can visit the Venue Pearl website or contact us!


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