Classy Jell-O shots? Totally doable.

31 May

As Wedding Season approaches (and so does summertime!) more brides are looking for a refreshing and unique twist for their menus! Today, we wanted to share one of our favorite party favorites (for parties of ALL kinds, not just weddings!)….the Jell-O Shot! Now typically, Jell-O shots are reserved for college dorms, tailgaters and costume parties! But now, even Martha Stewart Weddings says that Jell-O Shots are a-okay for weddings! Check out these incredible classy ideas below and make your party the best it can be!

Cucumber Lime Margarita Jell-O Shots

Washington Apple Jell-O Shots

Bramble Jell-O Shots with Blackberries



perfect pockets and posie petals

13 Mar

I absolutely adore this dress.  It’s unique, it’s fun and well…it has pockets.  A dress with pockets pretty much is sold for me the moment I slip my hands inside.  You may be asking yourself, what does a bride need to carry around on her wedding day?  Nothing–she’s got her MOH for that. But how cute would it be to pull out the ring of your husband to be from your very own ittle pocket in front of family and friends?  To die for. Absolutely divine.

Photography: SB Childs | Source: Wedding Wire




The Wedding Video Confessional!

20 May

So, I think we’d all agree that a wedding photo booth is pretty fun. At the beginning of the night, the older folks get in there, take a couple of funny pics and by the end of the night, if your wedding is real party, you end up with some excellent blackmail on your photo booth

{Credit to}

So, what if you took it to the next level and did a VIDEO booth? Think “Wedding Photo Booth” meets “The Real World”.

I think a lot of brides wake up the morning after their wedding and think…”Did everyone have a good time?” Well imagine if you could immediately pop in video of the party and see what crazy antics went down while you were tossing your bouquet and chatting with your new great aunt-in-law! A Video Booth is a really fun way to get a behind the scenes look at your big day (and takes the blackmail material to the next level.)

Much like photo booths, there are companies that offer video booth services.  You can but if you have a video camera, this can also be a cheap DIY project.

  1. Have your caterer set up an extra pipe and drape in the corner of your venue or just outside (away from the music!) with 2 chairs inside.
  2. Set up your video camera on a tripod (if you don’t have one already, the tripod will set you back about $30)
  3. Make a big sign that tells people what its all about,  how to turn the power on (use a remote if you have one) and what to do!
  4. Assign a friend (or your wedding coordinator) to check the battery and tape throughout the night to make sure you capture all the great moments!)
  5. Make sure you have the DJ or MC invite people to go check it out and leave their “message”
  6. Add a basket full of “props” and let the magic happen!
  7. Enjoy & watch with caution :)
  8. You can even have the video edited to make a highlight reel

The hope is that you end up with some very heartfelt messages, funny toasts and stories, surprise confessions and maybe even a custom wedding rap.

We should probably give you a warning that depending on your guest list,  you may end up with some minor (or not so minor) inappropriate moments so this is not for the faint of heart.  Also, we’d encourage you to watch this for the first time without a whole entourage of people in case you need to “edit” out some of the R-rated moments :)


Heidi & Chris (aka Mac)

17 May

It’s only a little over a month until Heidi & Chris (aka Mac!) tie the knot!  It’s creeping up slowly and we are super excited about their big day!  D & I are meeting with Heidi next week to talk through the wedding plans and make sure that everything is on track for their June 19th wedding…it is always so exciting to see a bride’s vision come to life and we know this one will be no exception.

{All Photos by Shawn & Bonnie Ingersoll}

When the wedding is only a month away, its not uncommon to start to stress a little—but that just means its the perfect time for a wedding coordinator to step in a help alleviate some of that stress and take on some of your TO DOs.  Sometimes just having someone  to talk to about your concerns, walk through your timeline (realistically!)  and someone to confirm all the final details with your vendors during those last couple weeks can make the whole process a lot easier for you as the bride. After all, you want to enjoy the time leading up to your wedding, not regret  it, or freak out on your fiance every third day when he/she brings up something that should have been done weeks ago :)

So here we are…a month away from Heidi & Mac’s wedding and we are stoked to be jumping into the Mac & LadyMac wedding with both feet!

A little about Heidi & Mac:

Heidi and Mac were best friends in college.  It wasn’t until the end of their run at OSU that they decided that they should take it to the next level and become more than friends :) Well, wisdom comes with age they say because boy were Heidi & Mac right….and boy were they right for each other. Last Memorial Day Weekend, Mac took Heidi to Cannon Beach to have a relaxing weekend, just the two of them!  That’s where he popped the question—-right there on the beach! Mac proposed with a diamond  placed in a basic setting because he knew that Heidi would want to be apart of the design process.  And ever since then they’ve been planning the party of a lifetime :) They want their wedding to be a celebration.

Look how much fun they were at their Engagement Session? They are certainly going to be a fun Bride & Groom!

PDX Venue Spotlight: Kells Irish Pub (and BUS!)

13 May

We here at Sister Sister Weddings are big fans of Irish Pubs.  It’s probably because we’re a little Irish and more likely because we love a good pint! Anyway, Kells in downtown PDX is a favorite Irish pub and that leads us to our fun topic of the day!  Have you heard of the Kells Irish Bus?  So, its not exactly your traditional venue but it is a party on wheels so we’re going to count it in our PDX venue spotlight.

Ever since we saw a brochure at Kells last year, we have been thinking about how fun it would be incorporate this into a wedding party! With seats for up to 75 people, this vintage bus has been completely updated inside with spacious wrap-around seating, full bar, flat screen tv and top-of-the-line sound system! Think of it like a giant double decker limo, but COOLER!

A few ideas:

  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Bus Pub “Crawl”
  • Couples Shower
  • Rehearsal Dinner After Party
  • Bridal Shower to Wine Country
  • Bridal Party transportation to and from the venue
  • Get really crazy and have your wedding on wheels!

On a side note, if you aren’t into the whole party on wheels situation (we don’t know why you wouldn’t be : ) Kell’s has a really great event space available upstairs. Perfect for an engagement party, rehearsal dinner or even a small-ish wedding reception, Kells offers a great downtown location with a fun bar atmosphere.  Plus, there’s a built in after party downstairs!

Visit Kells Banquet and Event section or call us for more information

PDX Venue Spotlight: Venue Pearl

10 May

A venue is typically one of the first things you look for when planning your wedding since it sets the stage for most of the other big decisions you are making for the big day.  We often have a hard time looking for reviews and information about local venues (especially from third party resources).  So our goal is to spotlight NW wedding venues and give a “girlfriends” view — That means the good stuff (occasionally the not-so-good-stuff) and things think about in your planning process. Here’s our first Venue spotlight. Enjoy!

Venue Pearl is a fairly new venue (completed early 2010) in the Block 90 building in the Pearl District shared with the Aveda Institute & 50 plates restaurant.  It’s a really cool  space with an open floor plan, tons of natural light and lots of potential.  The space is super versatile and could be easily transformed from a hip urban party to an elegant affair.

Venue Pearl Portland

What we love about it:

  • The windows overlooking the Pearl are gorgeous day or night.
  • The newly remodeled bridal suite is open and comfortable and the decor is super cute!
  • Because of its neutral colors and open floorplan, the venue has a lot of potential and flexibility, especially for a bride with a specific “vision”. You don’t have to work with the ugly mauve chairs or curtains like you do at some venues and you can close some of the walls to create a nice divide for ceremony and reception.
  • The location is awesome and allows for fun after parties for you & your guests
  • It’s nice and new and clean (even though the 1923 building has great charm)
  • The close proximity to 50 Plates allows for a great caterer/venue relationshipVenue Pearl Lobby

Things to consider:

  • If you are having your ceremony and reception at VP, make sure you enlist some extra helpers ahead of time  (coordinators, catering staff,  venue staff or friends) to assist with the room changeover.  You will want to make sure things like ceremony decor and rentals all make it to their specific places after the change.
  • The main entrance can be a little hard to find since its on the 3rd floor so make sure your invites or website have clear directions to help your guests find you.
  • Parking can be a little tricky in the Pearl so make sure guests know to arrive ahead of time.
  • There are 4 doorways into the main venue space from the entry way and hall.  Make sure you have a clear flow of traffic (and ushers or other people to direct guests) or it can get a little congested.
  • The white columns add a lot to the ambience but do block some of the views so plan your seating chart accordingly.
  • Have a plan for lighting and visit the space during the time of day that your event will be taking place so you can decide how light & bright or dim & romantic you want your event to be.

For more information about Venue Pearl weddings, you can visit the Venue Pearl website or contact us!

Megan + Jesse 5.1.10

3 May

{All photos are courtesy of  the fabulous Holland Studios}

Wow. What a FUN weekend! Let’s just say we woke up Sunday morning thinking, “Seriously? Was there really a goat at that reception?” You might be thinking Megan and Jesse got married at a rustic Oregon farm. But you would be wrong. Oh no, it was in the Pearl District.  And yes, the goat was a surprise to both us AND the happy couple.

Regardless, we had the best time helping to make Megan & Jesse’s day happen and it was a total blast.  We didn’t realize that this whole wedding planning thing might involve cleaning up hay in the bridal suite. You learn something new every day.

The Look

The wedding was gorgeous with so many creative and crafty little Martha-esque touches by the bride.  She looked stunning in her dress with a lace top dress and her shoes were, well, A-Mazing! She did a quick change from the lace trimmed veil into a cute vintage style birdcage veil for the reception and was glowing all night long.

The Venue

Both the ceremony & reception were at a new-ish downtown venue called Venue Pearl.  It is an open urban location with tons of natural light and a simple look that can be customized to fit many different couples’ vision for their day.  The location is great (on NW 13th & Flanders above 50 plates restaurant) and allows for a fun urban photo session before or after the wedding.  The space itself is really big (max capacity is 400) so even for a smaller wedding, there is ample space for your guests.

The Details

The ceremony decor was super simple, with large (2ft) black candle lit lanterns lining the aisle allowing guests to focus on the large windows and Pearl District backdrop.

Megan and her MOH Kelly did a fantastic job on the programs. They fit the theme and colors perfectly and they even stayed up late for nights the week of the wedding SEWING the tops! Helloooo Martha!

Jesse is a HUGE fisherman and spends a lot of his weekends out on the Columbia with his boys (When he’s not at home making Megan breakfast in bed that is).  Megan surprised her groom with custom garters to show her support of his “other love”.

Megan made some adorable purchases on!! Note to brides: If you haven’t looked at Etsy for your wedding, you are missing out! So much cute stuff from Cake toppers to invites and save the dates and most of it is custom. Ahhh, just so darn cute, I’m smiling thinking about it. My favorite were her bird cake toppers that looked adorable on her tiny 2 tier cake that they used for the cake cutting. Guests were noshing on the delish cupcakes prepared by Sarah @ Bliss Cupcakes.

Cake with Etsy bird cake toppers

Megan and Jesse (along with the fantastic catering staff @ Jopa Catering/50 plates) also did the cutest champagne “fountain” before the toasts. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this because I had recently watched an Amazing Race episode that didn’t turn out so well BUT at this wedding, it turned out flawless, and led to some classic photos that I think will end up being favorites.

champagne fountain venue pearl portland Oregon

And finally, I’ll leave you with the story of the goat (his name was Houdini by the way). The Best “Men” decided it would be a fantastic idea to bring a goat in a tuxedo to the reception as a part of their toast to the happy couple. I guess they purchased Houdini on Craigslist for 50 bucks a couple of weeks back (I almost feel guilty even telling this story because I don’t want it to lead to any more farm animal gifts at future weddings, but whatever)

So mid toast, the guys presented the goat as a ‘dowry’ to Megans father (I guess they didnt look up Dowry on Wikipedia or they would have know that it actually should go to the Groom but again, whatever) After a chuckle and a Cheers, the bride gave K & I that old “Get that Farm Animal out of my wedding” look so we were on our way to find the little critter.   All I know is that when we found our way to the bridal suite, it smelled a little like ‘hay’ so we knew we were on the right track.  Then, there he was. Spotted: 1 small goat in cage, just hangin’ out alongside the brides veil and happily signed marriage license.  K & I knew what we had to do. Take a picture with him of course!
So, we found the goat wrangler, made sure Houdini was safely transported out of the venue and made our way back to the reception to finish the night. So I guess this story has a happy ending. Oh and if you are in need of a small, very cute goat named Houdini, let us know. We might know where to find him.A Goat at the wedding

Congrats Megan + Jesse! We had so much fun with you on your wedding day and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos (courtesy of our new BFF— Eric @ Holland Studios.)  Here’s a sneak peek. Click here to View Megan & Jesse’s  Slideshow

If you want more information on any of the vendors or want to see more photos, shoot us a note (

A final word to the Bride & Groom: May you win a million in Vegas, catch lots of fish, avoid surprise farm animals & always look at each other the way you did on your wedding day!  CHEERS! D&K